Which book format will you be sending ?

It will be delivered in 3 formats. epub, mobi & PDF.
Some images heavy books is only available in PDF like cooking books and big ideas explained

When will i received my purchase ?

It will be send to your email once you completed the purchase
you can download your books from the link provided in the email

I could not find this book in your store, do you have this book title ?

Usually we will have the book that you want. Please request your ebook here

I received the wrong download link?

We will fix the download link asap and email to you
In the meantime, enjoy the extra books

Can you send me this book format instead ?

If the download folder does not contain the format that you need, we will try our best to convert it for you and email to you

Why do i have to pay credit card fees ?

Credit card fees is very punishing for small online business. It is 3.9% + 50 cents for our store.
Once we get larger in size, we will absorb this fee
please support us

Your book category seems to be in a mess, may i give you my suggestion to help ?

Yes, you can, please contact us. We appreciate any feedback from our beloved customers

The book collection is too little, will you be adding more books ?

Yes, we will be adding books on a daily basis. Please check back daily and request for books

I have other questions that i want to ask, how do i contact you ?

You can reach us at our live chat (10am to 8pm) or email us at support@ebooksmonster.com

How do i read epub , mobi or pdf format ?

if you are using Android, you need a book reader app. I suggest Moon Reader or ReadEra
If you are using iPhone, you can use the iBook app